Girl Behind the Blog

Hello there,

I suck at making introductions and I’m stuck needing to make one now but it’s something I have to do here and now. So uhhmm… here goes.

Normally, I’d prefer to use a made up name on this blog, but I decided I’ll just stick to my actual name. So yes, I’m Charlene. You could call me Lena or Charley (which ever one suits you). I’m 17 years old and a Nigerian.

I absolutely love to sing, read, write and blog. Yes, I love to blog. Snapchat-1887080367This actually isn’t the first blog I ever owned. There are like two others before this…
So yes, I’m a Christian… and I’m thinking I might be a feminist too.

I don’t have so many friends (you’ll get to find out why through my later posts); maybe that’s why I blog to while away time…

I’m hoping to make a couple of friends here though… So I hope y’all wouldn’t mind becoming my friends.

Purple is my favorite color…BTW.. I love every single shade of it.

I haven’t really decided on what I’d like to be posting here but Poetry is definitely a part of what I’ll be doing (I absolutely love writing Poems).

That’s that about me for now.

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog.